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SYMPTOMS: Scraping against substrate or décor Rapid gill movement Mucus covering the gills or body Gills or find may be eaten away Skin may become reddened. There are many species of flukes, which are flatworms about 1 mm long, and several symptoms that are visible. They infest gills and skin much like ich, but the […]

Body Fungus (Saprolegnia)

SYMPTOMS: Dirty cotton like growth on the skin Can cover large areas of the fish White fish eggs Fungal attacks always follow some other health problem like parasitic attack, injury, or bacterial infection. The symptoms are a grey or whitish growth in and on the skin and/or fins of the fish. Eventually, if left untreated, […]

Koi Herpes – Lymphocistitis

SYMPTOMS: Nodular white swellings on fins or body similar to Lymphocystis.  This disease is more commonly known as koi herpes.  Often appears with a lumpy cauliflower like appearance.  Usually starts out white but as it grows will become red and angry looking. Glugea and Henneguya are sporozoans that form large cysts on the fish’s body […]

Gold Dust Disease (Velvet)

Parasitic skin flagellates swim in the aquarium until they find a fish host to adhere to. Oodinium pilularis (as well as with “Ich” Ichthyophthirius multifiliis) it eats into the cells of the epithelial layer of the skin and fins as well as through the mucous membrane in the mouth. The mature parasite then leaves the host and […]

Fish Vibriosis-Bacterial Disease

Vibrio is a genus of Gram-negative bacteria found primarily in saltwater or brackish water, and consisting of 70 or more strains. Fish Vibriosis involves a variety of infectious strains of Vibrio bacteria, most notably Vibrio anguillarum, V. ordalii, V. damsela, and V. salmonicida. SYMPTOMS: Lethargy Increased respiration Loss of appetite Skin hemorrhages Fish contract the bacteria through open sores […]