Refund Policy

eQuaria (“the vendor”) values you as a customer (“the customer”) and we endeavour to provide top class product and service at all times.  The vendor’s products are covered by both an Australian Consumer Guarantee and Manufacturers warranties that ensure your products are fit for the purpose for which they are sold.  If your goods do not meet this requirement we will gladly exchange your purchase where applicable or provide a full refund if an exchange cannot be made.  Both refunds and exchange require the goods to be returned to eQuaria by the customer in a complete form inclusive of all packaging.  eQuaria bares no legal liability in respect of manufacturers warranty and acts only as an agent between manufacturer and customer where issues arise.

We urge customers (“the purchaser”) to consider their purchases carefully as we gladly exchange for fault but do not provide exchange or refund if you change your mind or make a poor choice.

The responsibility to arrange pickup and transportation of goods purchased through eQuaria with a local pickup service is solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

Live animals and plants

eQuaria stocks and sells a range of exotic animals and plants.  The responsibility of research into care for these animals rests with the purchaser.  The responsibility to ensure aquarium or pond systems are suited to customer purchases, rests with the purchaser.  These items are supplied with no warranty and cannot be warranted as eQuaria has no control over the conditions of customer aquarium or pond systems.  Any risk associated with these purchases is borne by the purchaser.  No refund or exchange is available on these items. 

eQuaria does not ship live animals or plants.  eQuaria makes these items available for purchase online with a click and collect service from our Perth retail store only.

Aquariums and Ponds

eQuaria does not ship large aquariums or ponds outside of the Perth Metropolitan area.  These items are available for online purchase with a click and collect service from our Perth retail store or with free metropolitan delivery in Perth Western Australia only for items exceeding $100 in value.

Restocking of goods purchased

By purchasing goods through these vendor websites, you have entered into a contractual obligation for which eQuaria has incurred third party fees. 

Where the vendor has tendered goods in good faith and without error, and the purchaser wishes to cancel an order and obtain a refund, the vendor retains the right to recover costs incurred.

Restocking of items where the purchaser has requested a refund will incur a fee of $20 AUD or 5% of the dollar value of the sale, whichever is greater.  This fee mirrors the fees charges to eQuaria and will be enforced at the discretion of the vendor.

Consumable Items

Purchases of consumable items such as foods, chemicals, light globes or any other consumable items have an inherent warranty only which ensures the product is fit for purpose at the time of sale.  If your item is not fit for use upon receipt please advise us within 14 days and return the item to us and we will arrange exchange or refund where replacement is not possible.

Backordered items

Many items tendered for sale on the vendor websites are offered by backorder, meaning that these items are not commonly stocked in our retail store and will need to be purchased and delivered before being supplied to the purchaser. 

The vendor will make all attempts to fulfil orders and negotiate with the purchaser to determine what both parties consider to be a reasonable time frame for supply.

Where an item has been purchased by backorder and cannot be supplied by the vendor within a reasonable time frame a refund will be provided to the purchaser in full inclusive of fees charged to the vendor.

Entering of a contract to purchase

eQuaria has taken great lengths to ensure the correctness and completeness of information presented via this website as regards pricing, availability of stock and shipping fees.  By making a purchase on this website, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understood the information presented and have voluntarily entered a legally binding contract to purchase the goods tendered.