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Strength P 1000mL

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Plant Essential™ Strength is designed to provide plants the key elements phosphorus and potassium, in their bioavailable forms phosphate (PO43-) and ionic potassium (K+). Phosphorus is found in many biochemicals such as DNA, RNA and ATP while potassium is required for enzyme activation, maintaining homeostasis, chlorophyll synthesis, protein assembly and many others. As a result both phosphorus and potassium are key elements required by plants and are vital for improving plant strength & health. Plants readily up take phosphate and potassium, therefore their concentrations continuously deplete which may cause deficiencies. Phosphorus and potassium deficiencies can often be visually diagnosed by the chlorosis (discolouring) of leaves and stunted growth rates. To help gain maximum results, we suggest using our Plant Essential™ Growth, Plant Essential™ Health, Plant Essential™ Intensity & Plant Essential™ Boost supplements. Recommended concentrations: Phosphate = 0.15-1.0ppm & Potassium = 10-30ppm. This product contains no added sodium phosphate.




– Deionised water
– Phosphate ~5,000 ppm
– Potassium ~3,500ppm




Shaking is not required, however, if product has been left standing for a length of time invert bottle 3-4 times before using.




• Not to be used in fish only aquariums; use in aquariums containing plants


Slowly add product to high water flow area.




1ml will raise 100L of aquarium water by 0.05ppm phosphate and 0.035ppm potassium. We recommend adding smaller amounts more often to help limit algae growth. For easier dosing download our FREE “Q Dosing” app!




Keep out of reach of children. May cause skin irritation. In case of contact with eyes, or swallowed seek medical advice immediately.
• Not to be used in fish only aquariums; use in aquariums containing plants


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