Lysofoss Nitrifying Bacteria 50g

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Lysofoss Nitrifying Bacteria 50g

Nitrifying starter bacteria

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Nitrifying starter bacteria

Contains cultures to breed nitrosomonas and nitrobacter bacteria which are used in aquariums to establish the nitrate cycle.  Lysofoss is a must have for aquarium enthusiasts.

  • Can be used in ponds containing live plants and fish
  • Effectively controls "green water" algae blooms
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear
  • Able to be used in both Salt and Fresh water
  • Do not use with fry, may be applied to brood stock as it can help to clean fish scales
  • Can be use in aquariums/ponds containing fish for human consumption

Lysofoss is selected strains of Bacterium, which contain no chemicals, it is environmentally friendly, and for the organic control of pollutants. Fights eutrophication, eliminates odors and controls Algae blooms in fish ponds, dams and water fowl lagoons. It reduces organic waste and foul odors in septic, grease traps, poultry sheds, avaries, animal pens, digester ponds, sewers and compost piles.

When algae dies it consumes great amounts of the pond’s supply of dissolved oxygen. Killing all the algae at once can be disastrous if proper precautions are not taken.

  • 3-5 KG per 100 square metres only clears the bottom in large dams
  • 6-10 KG per 100 square metres is for algae control
  • 3 kg per 100 square metres for marron, yabbies and red claw
  • For new ponds 300 grams per 10 m² surface area
  • For established ponds 500 grams to 1 KG per 10 m² surface area
  • If high levels of Ammonia is present, 50 grams per 1000 litres, per day until levels drop to a suitable level, or as required
  • Able to be used in either Fresh or salt water
  • Septic dosages: 3 kg per 15 m³ for 4 months control
  • Stock Pens: 500 grams per 15 m² for 1 month
  • Slurries: 5 KG per 10 m³ for 4 months
  • Available in larger quantities; 5 KG & 20 KG - Please call for a quote


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