Lysofoss Nitrifying Bacteria 250g

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Lysofoss Nitrifying Bacteria 250g

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LYSOFOSS Ideal for fish ponds, aquariums, aquaculture, dams, etc. Contains selected strains of bacteria for biological filtration, silt, sludge, odours and algae control. Lysofoss will decrease ammonia and hydrogen sulphide production, while increasing dissolved oxygen. Decreases organic matter and sludge on the bottom of the pond, thus producing clear water and controlling algae blooms. Lysofoss can be used as a bio-filter in every pond, regardless of water condition. Application may vary according to pond condition, use 100g per 1 square metre surface area for average applications. Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 2.5kg.

Lysofoss and your Aquarium

Lysofoss consists of strains of bacterium on a highly porous mineral support, working many times more quickly and efficiently than normal filter bacteria. 

It is essential to know that Lysofoss needs organic waste as a feeding platform which falls to the bottom of your aquarium (from fish waste, fish food and plants). Gravel is needed on the bottom of the tank to support bacteria/waste.

Dosage: In a small aquarium of 48 inches use one teaspoon of Lysofoss to start. Note that Lysofoss will compete with plants for nutrient, so do not put too much in. Lysofoss and plants can live together very well.

Lysofoss is complete with means to control phosphorus, ammonia, nitrogen and organic waste. Benefits Include:

  • Controls bad bacteria.
  • Less white spot in fish.
  • Reduction of disease and stress.
  • Improved colour and appearance.
  • Reduction in water changes.
  • Controls Algae. 

Lysofoss in fish ponds and algae control. 

As a natural biological product Lysofoss consists of selected bacteria on a porous support base with a high trace element content, formulated for the degradation of organic waste. Lysofoss is a proven product used for many years in ponds, lakes and waterways. Lysofoss is a living organism, lying dormant until exposed to moisture, requiring a feeding platform of organic waste which mostly settles to the bottom of ponds.

With a reduction in organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and algae, his should give you crystal clear water.

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