Assorted Molly to 4cm

Assorted Molly to 4cm Sale

Assorted Molly to 4cm

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From Mexico to Colombia


Maximum Size and Longevity

Up to 6cm


Water Quality ·

Temperature: 22°C - 26°C. · pH: 7.0—8.0 ·General Hardness: 200—300 ppm.



The Molly will accept any aquarium food, but in order to maintain top condition it does require some vegetable matter. They will also eat algae which they will find for themselves by constantly grazing on plants or other surfaces in the aquarium.



The Molly is extremely peaceful, and makes an ideal community fish. General Information Molly’s are livebearers, meaning that the female gives birth to fully formed, free swimming babies!


Colour and Varieties

Part of the Molly’s appeal lies in it’s attractive colours. Pictured above are Gold, Silver, Black and Dalmation Mollies. They can also come in Red, Green, Chocolate or Orange.


We provide a wide range of exotic live animals that are by their nature, perishable.  The duty of care for these animals passes to you the customer at the time we ship these items to you.  eQuaria does not accept the return of live fish, coral or other perishable items.  We recommend that you conduct your own research into the care of these animals and make educated buying decisions.

As eQuaria cannot control shipping processes, weather, airline delays and other unforeseen circumstance, fish mortality may occur.  By purchasing these goods, you accept this risk and while every effort is made by eQuaria to ensure your fish arrive alive and well, no guarantees can be made.

eQuaria does not accept any Dead on Arrival (DOA) claims which is inclusive of freight and shipping costs.  If you are unwilling to accept these terms, we invite you to purchase in store.

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