Zebra Danio to 5cm

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Zebra Danio to 5cm

p>eQuaria ships fish locally to the Perth Metro area. We do not ship interstate or regionally ...

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p>eQuaria ships fish locally to the Perth Metro area. We do not ship interstate or regionally due to high shipping costs and risk of mortality. Please read our tab on livestock returns.

Natural Range

Danios are native to the streams of Eastern India.


Maximum Size

Grows to about a maximum size of 5 cm


Water Quality

Temperature: 16°C - 28°C. · pH: 6.5—7.5 · General Hardness: 50—150 ppm. Feeding They are omnivorous and will thrive on any aquarium fish food such as Tetra Crisps or Tetra Min Compatibility These fish are a hardy, undemanding fish suitable for a tropical or temperate community tanks.


Colour and Varieties

It has a classic torpedo shaped body and it is named for its five, uniform, pigmented, horizontal blue stripes on the body that extend all the way to the end of the caudal fin. They are available in long finned and now other coloured varieties such as metallic blue and golden.



Males have a more streamlined body and have gold stripes between the blue stripes while the females have a fuller body with silver stripes instead of gold. Danios are just about the easiest egg scatterer to breed. Several hundred non-adhesive eggs are laid and fall to the bottom of the tank. If not removed, both parents will eat their eggs after spawning.


General Information

This species is probably the perfect aquarium fish. It is always on the move, adding action and colour to the aquarium. Zebras are amongst the most peaceful of all fish and are best kept in a school of at least six fish. Fluctuations in water temperature will not be a concern as Danios are cold water fish that are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures

We provide a wide range of exotic live animals that are by their nature, perishable.  The duty of care for these animals passes to you the customer at the time we ship these items to you.  eQuaria does not accept the return of live fish, coral or other perishable items.  We recommend that you conduct your own research into the care of these animals and make educated buying decisions.

As eQuaria cannot control shipping processes, weather, airline delays and other unforeseen circumstance, fish mortality may occur.  By purchasing these goods, you accept this risk and while every effort is made by eQuaria to ensure your fish arrive alive and well, no guarantees can be made.

eQuaria does not accept any Dead on Arrival (DOA) claims which is inclusive of freight and shipping costs.  If you are unwilling to accept these terms, we invite you to purchase in store.

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