Female Betta Crowntail

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Female Betta Crowntail

Bettas can live up to five years and have been known to growq up to eight inches in size!  Car...

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Bettas can live up to five years and have been known to growq up to eight inches in size!  Care should be taken to ensure your aquarium has a lid as Crowntails like to jump.

The Betta has an uncommon feature among other fish in that it has an organ called the labyrinth which allows the to breathe air.  It should be noted that the labyrinth has been evolutionary developed and is not their primary form of beathing but is rather a survival feasture.  To thjat end, good aeration and filtration will keep your Betta alive longer and in a much happier state.

Betta's kep in stagnant water should have regular water changes (weekly at a minimum) with fresh dechlorinated water at room temperature.

Betta's tend to be omnoivorous meaning they require both protein and plant based foods.  Bettas have a small stomach, so avoid overfeeding and try to feed small amounts regularly.

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2. eQuaria delivers live fish to local customers only within the Perth region.

3. eQuaria recommends that all fish are quarantined for a period of 14 days prior to introduction to your main aquarium.

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