DIY CO2 Generator Kit - Flexible Line

DIY CO2 Generator Kit - Flexible Line Sale

DIY CO2 Generator Kit - Flexible Line


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Aquarium Co2 Diffuser is an easy to set up CO2 system and is designed for low cost planted use.

What do you need to prepare for this systems?(not included)

2x 2 Litre of Coka Cola plastic bottle
1x 200g of Citric acid or 200ml of vinegar
1x 200g of baking soda

Tips to install:
The bottle used must be a carbonated beverage bottle, suitable to retain pressurised liquids.

Make sure you carefully observe the direction of all parts before assembly. Incorrect installation could cause an abnormal reaction.

Avoid sudden adjustments to the trimming valve. 


Package included:
1 x needle valve
1 x pressure gauge
CO2 tubing

Additional hardware is required to make this kit operational.  Check valves not included.

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