Assorted Corydoras

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Assorted Corydoras

Natural Range

Eastern Venezuela to Bolivia, South America.


Maximum Siz...

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Natural Range

Eastern Venezuela to Bolivia, South America.


Maximum Size

Grows up to approximately 5 to 6 cm.


Water Quality

Temperature: 22 oC -27oC pH: 6.0 - 7.2 General Hardness: 100- 200 ppm Feeding These catfish are easy to feed and readily take most types of foods. However, as they are a bottom dwelling fish species they should be presented with sinking foods. Although good scavengers, they should be fed a regular substantial diet.


They are community species that mix readily with other small to medium community species. Colour and Varieties The normal colour pattern is a golden bronze colour with a large darker stripe running along the sides of the fish. It often has iridescent flecks of green around the head and along the darker stripe. There is also an albino form (Albino Corydoras) which is also very popular. More recently a long finned variety has been selectively bred of both colour forms.


Females are plumper and larger than the males. A hardy species that breeds readily by laying its eggs on a surface such as plant leaves, rocks or the side of aquaria. Spawning behaviour can sometimes be seen after water changes or during thunder storms.


General Information

These are among the most frequently seen catfish species in the hobby as they are very hardy and breed readily. Cory means “a kind of fish” and doras means a leathery skin, referring to their thick skin which protects them from damage from sharp rocks and sticks on the river bottom. They have a schooling nature and look great in groups of 5 to 10. Bronze and Albino Corydoras can also be shy and may tend to hide away amongst rocks and plants during the day, and be more active at night.

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