4 Stage Aquarium Tank Reverse Osmosis Filters RO DI Resin Filter 189 Litres Per Day

4 Stage Aquarium Tank Reverse Osmosis Filters RO DI Resin Filter 189 Litres Per Day Sale

4 Stage Aquarium Tank Reverse Osmosis Filters RO DI Resin Filter 189 Litres Per Day

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p>189 Litres per day 4 stage water purifier DI Reverse Osmosis Unit.  This unit comes complete with everything needed to make RODI water for your freshwater and marine aquarium. Also included is a tap fitting to connect unit direct to your cold water tap. This will give you zero TDS water quality. You should not accept any less.


This filter produces the purest possible water and the total dissolved solids count drops to between 10-1ppm using this system Between 99% to 99.5% of all substances and impurities in water are removed.



Type – TFC (Thin Film Composite)  

Material – PA (Polyamide)   

Charge – Negative  

Configuration – Spiral-wound, Tapping 



Flux – 50gpd   

Salt Rejection – 96%  

The stated performance is initial data taken after 30 minutes of operation based on the following conditions.  

Concentration – 250ppm NaCl  

pH Range – 6.5 ~ 7.0  


The benefits of using RO Water.  

Water companies have a responsibility to supply water which is of “potable” quality, this means that it must be of a safe and drinkable quality. This however does not mean that it is safe or suitable for the use of fish keeping. In fact the addition of chlorine or chloramines to our drinking water by the water companies can make it positively lethal to our fish in some cases.  

Water is probably the greatest solvent know to man. As water passes through the hydrological cycle it can accumulate many undesirable qualities and pollutants, among these the most commonly known are Nitrates, Phosphates, Heavy metals and water hardness. All of which can be detrimental to the fish and systems we try to maintain. RO systems can remove up to 99% of these of these contaminates.  

All types of fish and aquatic systems benefit from the use of RO water. Not only soft water and delicate species such as Discus, through the reduction of water hardness, Marine fish and inverts through the reduction of Nitrates and heavy metals, but all systems through the reduction of Phosphate and Nitrate levels, the single biggest cause of nuisance algae in any aquatic system. 


Basic principles

Within an RO unit there is a very tightly bound semi permeable membrane. By applying osmotic pressure in the form of tap water mains pressure (min 3bar) to one side of this membrane pure water molecules are forced through, leaving the larger molecules such as nitrates and phosphates behind. This results in a very pure (max 99%) source of soft water and more concentrated waste water. RO water can in fact be too pure for the purpose of fish keeping, as all natural salts are removed; therefore it is important to recondition the water using a propriety treatment. Please ask your supplier for advice and details of conditioning treatments available.


Description of unit

The unit consist of four sections (see diagram). The central membrane chamber is flanked on both sides by a sediment filter and an activated carbon filter. The unit is also fitted with a flow regulator, this ensures that the quantities of permeate (usable water) and concentrate (waste water) are balanced and ensure the best conditions for the membrane. 



The membrane is supplied separate and needs to be installed before operation. The membrane is dry preserved. This method has advantages over the older wet preservation method and means that the membrane can be stored for longer and prevents damage by frost in winter. 



A sediment pre-filter, DI Resin Catridge and an activated carbon filter are fitted as standard. This means that the unit maybe used irrespective of sediment and chlorine content of the untreated water provided it conforms to European drinking water standards.  


The water should always flow through the activated carbon filter before the sediment pre-filter. This prevents any dusts from the carbon which may shake loose during transport reaching the membrane and reducing performance.   


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