Schego 240V Air Pumps


150 l/h
5 Watt
130 x 70 x 50 mm
1 m cable with AU plug

Life in the aquarium is inconceivable without oxygen. Apart from further prerequisites such as heat and light, Schego membrane pumps contribute decisively to an aquarium becoming a habitat. Air is life.

Oxygen is vitally necessary for fish and primitive sea species in the aquarium, for they have no CO2 respiration. Leading experts also recommend oxygen as remedy for the regeneration of diseased fish. Nevertheless, pure oxygen should not be provided as this can act toxically. Schego offers membrane pumps for aeration or use in filter systems and protein skimmers. This guarantees keeping the animals in a species-appropriate environment in the aquarium.

All Schego membrane pumps work extremely reliably in continuous operation and are characterized by very quiet running, they have little vibration and are stable. Thanks to more than 60 years experience, high-quality and careful processing are a matter of course – naturally ”Made in Germany”.

Different performance types with an air delivery of 100 l/h to 350 l/h are available. Long-life membranes, easily changeable prefilters, transparent housing with suspension are additional plus points with all Schego membrane pumps.

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