Frequently Asked Questions 

We have provided the information below based on many of our frequesntly asked questions and we’ve thrown in some tips and tricks to help you enjoy the experience of having an aquarium.

Do you do water testing?

We sure do! We test all types of water for Ammonia, Nitrites, Nitrates and pH for free. Other tests such as kH, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphates and others are available for a small fee.

Do you deliver?

We ship Australia wide and our website will calculate shipping costs for you.  Large aquariums are quoted on request.

What if my fish dies in transit?

All of our fish leave eQuaria alive and healthy.  Our fish are medicated and kept in first-class systems by professional aquarists.  We cannot control what happens to shipments once they leave our care and therefore cannot guarantee anything.  We recommend coming in store to purchase fish, but where they are shipped they are packed in oxygen filled bags sealed in foam eskies.  All care is taken by eQuaria, but the responsibility for care of the animals purchased transfers to the customer at the time of despatch.  Mortality rates in shipping are generally very low due to trusted methods used.

Will Algae Eaters clean my tank

Well, no.  Chinese algae eaters only eat algae between the temperatures of 19 and 24 deg C.  They are a tropical fish and will die in cold water.  They also only eat algae while they are small (under 7cm).  Larger algae eaters attach themselves to other fish and feed off their slime coat.  They are not recommended as a method of algae control.  Consider using some Bristlenose instead or Search algae in our search engine above for info on how to treat algae.

How often should I clean my filter?

A dirty filter is one that’s working.  Filters are used to remove particulates from the water and breed bacteria to convert Ammonia to a non-toxic form.  Only ever clean your filter if you notice that the flow is reduced.  If you need to clean your filter more than once every three months, your filter is too small.  Never clean your filter in tap water as the chlorine will kill all of your beneficial bacteria.  Use tank water to rinse your filter sponge before returning it to the system..

Tips & Tricks

Introducing a new fish to your aquarium

Acclimation of new fish can be a lengthy process for some species and the method you chose may be linked to the level of risk involved and the cost of the fish you have purchased.  Please see our latest news section for instructions on how to properly acclimate a new fish or search fish acclimation in our search engine above.

Changing your water

Water change is a necessary evil and should be done on most systems once a week to maintain high water quality.  See our latest news section for instructions on how to do water changes or search water change in our search engine above.