K1 Moving Bed Biofilm Reactors

K1 media provides maximum surface area for bacterial colonisation in aquarium filtration systems.  Available here at eQuaria, this filter media is a superior method of removing ammonia and nitrite from the water column.  It is designed to work as a Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR).

Nitrifying bacteria reproduce by mitosis where one cell divides into two.  Old or dying bacteria are shed by the K1 media as it moves and tumbles through the filter system, making room for new younger bacteria which hungrily seek food to consume.  The spoked wheel structure of the media provides shelter for this younger bacteria to follow its life cycle.

Air is usually used to create the movement of K1 in the filter and it is this constant movement that enables the K1 to almost self clean.  K1 as a result of this requires virtually zero maintenance.

As a general rule 50 litres of K1 Media will process up to 250 grams of food per day (that’s a lot of food).  K1 is used extensively in Australia by Koi breeders due to the massive bio load that these beautiful fish place on the systems they live in.  It provides real promise in Reef Aquariums also as it may be able to host beneficial protozoans or rotifers in addition to nitrate consuming bacteria.

The key is using K1 is the development of a biofilm.  It may take several months, but the K1 will develop a nice brown slime which coats the media.  You should avoid using too much K1 as this may detract from the tumbling process and prevent the development of the biofilm. 

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