Electronic Aquarium Monitoring

Automated Aquarium monitoring has come a long way in recent years and understanding what is going on inside your water column is vital to ensuring that your fish not only survive, but excel in the environment you have created.

Seneye’s range of in tank monitoring devices allows effortless monitoring of your aquarium water.  The device measures water level, temperature, pH and NH3 (Ammonia) levels every 30 minutes and reports to a cloud based app that you can access from anywhere.  The Reef version adds light spectrum monitoring, PAR, LUX and Kelvins.  NH3 and pH Monitoring require a slide which is replaced every 30 days at a cost of around $20 per month.  All of the other functions work without the slide.

For under $200 you get email and SMS alerts to any problems, graphs on all parameters and all without any subscriptions.  The device is reliable and easy to use.  Come and talk to us about how Seneye can help protect your aquarium.  If you have spent big $$$ building up your aquarium, protecting it from disaster is just a no brainer.

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