Brooklynella Hostilis - Clownfish Disease



  • Loss of appetite
  • Lesions on the body
  • Excessive body slime
  • Heavy respiration
  • Rubbing against substrate


Caused by a protozoan parasite called Brooklynella hostilis. This protozoan disease is mostly associated with clownfish, although other fish can contract it.

This quick killer is a parasite that infests the gills and skin, where the fish develops lesions on the body, sloughing off excessive body slime and constantly scratches against the substrate. The infesting of the gills causes them heavy respiration as they gasp for oxygen. The fish will succumb to this disease in about 30 hours after the infection is identified. The first sign is a lack of appetite. Some newer strains of White Spot Disease or Crypt look similar to Brooklynella.


Formalin and Malachite green are two active ingredients found in medications that have been used to treat this infection.  Formalin is a harsh chemical.  Treat in a quarantine tank.

Hyposalinity which is 1.009 for the duration of treatment along Formalin is recommended. Copper has no affect on Brooklynella.  Note standard salinity is normally 1.025


Blue Planet White spot remedy has active ingredients of Formaldehyde (Formalin) and Malachite Green.  Please search our web site for this product.

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