eQuaria Ornamental Fish are Western Australia’s largest all discipline aquarist centre.  We are a family business of true hobbyists with interests in pond care, marine aquariums, tropical and cold-water fish.

Operating from our 450sqm retail shopfront in Gosnells Western Australia, we provide advice, and treatment for a variety of aquatic conditions.  We carry hundreds of lines from top tier vendors. We provide onsite aquarium cleaning and aquarium maintenance, as well as pump servicing and replacements.

While other ‘established’ Perth based LFS’s have rested on their laurels, we have built the industry’s most comprehensive on line resource for aquatic goods and services.  

Our corporate aquarium leasing program is designed to provide prestige visual displays in corporate waiting area’s which both distract clients from long waits and reduce stress levels for staff.  Maintained fully by our experienced aquarists, you are free to enjoy the benefits these beautiful aquariums provide.


Our online store is designed to supplement our retail presence and service WA’s regional area’s where LFS’s are not so prevalent.  We stand behind our products and pride ourselves on our no nonsense, call it as it is service.


Shona Titterton

Shona’s experience in the fish and aquariums is second to none. She is keen on making sure people get the right advice when wanting to set up a new aquarium.

Andrew Titterton

Andrew is keen on helping people to understand the complexities that are associated with maintaining a healthy aquarium environment.