Common Assie Pond Insects

There are a few common bugs that appear in Aussie ponds.  If your pond is unfiltered or has stagnant sections you are likely to encounter pond insects.

Mosquito eggs are laid in batches of several hundred and usually form a floating raft.  Eggs will hatch and grow to adult mosquitoes in about 11 days.

How do I get rid of them you ask?  Well they hate moving water, good filtration and Pygmy Perch (who will eat them readily).  If you don’t have fish in your pond you can use liquid soap at a dose of 25ml per 100 litres of pond water.  This will kill them all in about two days. 

The Water Strider’s are awesome.  Their legs repel water giving them the ability to float on the surface and move at astonishing speed.  Some can fly but their wings are easily damaged.

They are particularly good predator’s and love to eat mosquito larvae.  Don’t try and get rid of these guy’s, they are your friend.  Unfortunately, once they have eaten all of the mosquito larvae, they will turn on each other!

Dragonflies have literally been around for millions of years.  They are solar powered and require the warmth of the sun to move.

Female Dragonfly’s lay their eggs in or close to water where the larvae will hatch and feed on other insects, small fish and tadpoles.  Conversely fish will feed on Dragonfly larvae so if you want to keep them, you may consider a fish free pond.

Another good bug.  A healthy pond contains insect life and you should encourage this.  The Water Boatman is often confused with the backswimmer.  They look similar and the main difference is that the Greater water boatman can give you a nasty nip.  They have no venom and its harmless, but it does hurt.  Leave them be and they will help keep your pond healthy

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