Black Soldier Fly as Koi Food

So I’ve been playing with Koi Food formula’s.  Koi pellets are for the most part made from a combination of several ingredients with the main one being white fish meal.  White fish meal is preferred over brown fish meal because Koi are a white flesh fish.  Anecdotally, the quality of the fish meal used is directly proportionate to the quality of the Koi food produced. It is said that the higher the protein levels in the fish meal, the better.  But there is also the need to be aware of the level of histamine in the fish meal.

Histamine’s as we know them are how your body starts an allergic response to a foreign body.  It’s how your body tries to get rid of something that’s bothering you.  Unfortunately some foods contain histamines especially in fermented or aged foods.  Histamine poisoning can occur if you eat fish that were not kept at safe temperatures.  These fish can build up high concentrations that when ingested can cause Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning.

Even at low levels, histamine’s in fish meal have an impact on your Koi.  While I don’t think you can get a zero level of histamine (yet to be determined), the lower the level the better. 

So the question remains as to how suitable BSFL (Black Soldier Fly Larvae) in meal form is as a replacement for fish meal.  It certainly packs a punch from a protein sense.  The BSFL I am using has 47% crude protein with 439.2 KCAL per 100grams of metabolisable energy.  And while the analysis that I have does not nominate any histamine content, it does not preclude it either.

I can say this however, I have made some Koi pellets using BSF meal instead of fish meal, and my Koi love it.

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