Aquarium Worms

Planaria are very small and are constantly searching for meaty foods. They feed on shrimp and fish eggs, fry and baby shrimp and have been known to wipe out breeding operations.

Planaria may be grey, white or pink and cruise around the aquarium glass and substrate. Its important to note that they don’t crawl or inch like an earthworm, they glide.  They have a pointed head as shown here, but you will need magnification to see it.

Commercial Planaria treatments in Australia are limited due to our very frustrating laws around the importation of veterinary medicines.

You will struggle to kill Planaria without medications, but a reduction in feeding will help. 

How to kill Planaria quickly

Panacur C is a Canine Dewormer with the active ingredient fenbendazole.  

This stuff is leathal to planaria and most snails. Treat twice in a 48 hour period and viola your planaia problem is gone.

Available here at eQuaria.  Please read the product description for useage directions



The term ‘detritus worms’ can apply to several species.  While they may be unsightly, they don’t do do any specific harm to fish.  Some fish may eat the worms in fact.

In small numbers they actually assist your aquarium by eating unwanted food and fish poop.

They can be white, grey or red-brown and commonly move by inching or crawling like earthworms.

When populations boom, they stick their heads up above the substrate to get oxygen as the levels in the substrate have been depleted.

Best way to get rid of these worms is substrate cleaning.  Vacuum and water change – regularly.

These gross little buggers are found protruding from the anus of your fish.  It may only present as a very small red protrusion.  They feed off the fishes intestines and can be the cause of wasting and failure to thrive.

Cross contamination is a big problem with this worm so be sure to sterilize all tools vacuums and nets used.

Use levamisole to eradicate Camallanus worms;  Fenbendazole wipes out a lot of worms and, to an extent some of the weaker Camallanus worms but doesn’t get them all.

How to kill Camallanus worms

Levamisole Hydrochloride is the recommended treatment for these little parasites.  Hard to get in Australia in a straight fomula.  Avitrol Plus is an avian wormer product that contains Levamisole Hydrochloride and Praziquantel.  This will fix up your little hitch hikers. 

Effective ion Stomach worms, Roundworms, Nodular Worms, Hookworms and Lung worms and especially Camallanus worms.  Ineffective on tapeworms and flatworms or flukes.

Dose at the rate of 1.1ml per 75 litres of aquarium water

Anchor worms can only be seen with the naked eye in their infective stage hanging out the side of your fish! They are a little white Y shaped thread like parasite. They attach themselves between the scales and secrete an acid like substance that allows them to slurp up the fishes flesh. Nice!
Anchor worm can be treated with Blue Planets Paracide.
How to kill anchor worm
Do not try and pull these out. The worm will sever in half and the feeding end will remain inside your fish causing an infection.
Potassium permangenate is considered the best treatment. It can be added to the aquarium or used to prepare a bath to dip the affected fish. Other formaldehyde based medications also work well such as Blue Planet Multi Cure or White Spot Remedy


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